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Based in Barcelona, we provide digital solutions for organisations, companies, and individuals. We involve our clients at all stages of the process, ensuring everything is upfront and honest.

About us

Small dedicated team, decades of experience.

Our team has had exposure to projects both large and small, startups and corporate enterprises. We've worked with clients on both greenfield (new) projects and legacy (old) applications.

Combined we have supported the development of digital properties for Bank Sabadell, Targo Bank, Tribal Worldwide, Volkswagen, Esso, Comic Relief, BSkyB, as well as multiple Universities and Colleges across the UK.

Based in Barcelona - SEAM PROJECT STUDIOS S.L - NIF: B67065706

Digital partners
honest and upfront.

We want to work with our clients not against them. This is why we set clear expectations, pricing and schedules. building a culture of trust and reliability needed for a productive digital partnership, and not to forget fantastic quality digital works.

We work on a scope of work payment basis, this means we break up the work load in to smaller projects. With a 50% advance upfront and the remaining 50% on client sign-off. This means we can adapt timlines and budgets within each scope of work. Putting our time into the parts of the project that matter the most.

We understand that projects can be halted or dropped. If the client wishes stop the project after the first feedback round, they can cancel the remaining 50% with no penalties there and then.

Companies we've helped:

Tailored to the project timeline.

Working alongside physical and digital product development. We deliver the complete digital systems, websites, and e-commerce platforms needed to get a return on investment.

We take on projects of all sizes. Working to agile milestones. We can adapt the budget and the delivery to our client's needs at each stage of the project.

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